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First of all! Ohmygod look at me. I wrote this chapter as my point of view of the first one. I hope you don't mind what I did with me! lol. But I got the idea and kind of had to do it.. and I had to put Orlando in it because honestly that's the only way I could write anything. He's meant to replace Brian Molko. You don't have to acknowledge whatever about him, lol, it's okay. It just made it easier for me.

So yeah. This isn't great, but I think it's kinda interesting, and I had to add a bit more sex. >D

All through the pit girls were pushing, shoving, and screaming bloody murder in my ears. Somebody behind me was shoving me against the gate - "Fucking hell," I mumbled, turning around and shoving her back - a little blonde, why am I not surprised? They seem to search me out to win the battle of annoyance. Time to go find Orlando, yes? Yes. Curt was at the end of his set, he wouldn't mind me leaving now.

I managed to get through the gyrating bodies, to the open space of backstage. My senses were assaulted with heavy smoke and the smell of.. sex? Lovely. Orlando.. where the fuck..? There he was. Sitting at a table with his bandmates, all dolled up, top hat and all. I almost tripped over a girl, laying on the floor with her shirt half open. I hoped I was never like that. More than likely was, though. .. I made my way to the table, being greeted with various drunken rounds of, "Sunshine! You've been hiding!" Not hiding, boys. Not really. I laughed a little and pulled on Orlando. He took the hint and followed me.

I told him I needed a drink, and he led me back to where there was champagne. Ooh. He smiled a little before popping it, thoughtfully holding it away from me so my shirt didn't get soaked. Because that was fun last time.

I looked up. He was smirking. "Thinking about last time? Now I can't taste champagne without thinking of you."

I rolled my eyes and couldn't help grinning. I bit my lip.. Alright yeah, champagne is fun to play with. The bubbles tickle.. and when it's fizzing in certain places..

"Love?" His accented voice broke through my thoughts. "We could do it again if you'd like."

He always speaks so softly. I looked up into those amazing brown eyes of his.. and almost gave in. Couldn't do it.. I really needed to see Curt tonight. I told him so. He understood, like he always does. He handed me the champagne, bent to kiss my cheek.. I swear I felt him pause to inhale my scent.. and then he was gone.

Like usual. But it's my own fault and I know it.

There was only one champagne glass left. I filled it, and holding the bottle up high, carefully made my way to the front area. .And then I saw her.. dark hair, coat with a fur trim.. she looked lost. And irritated. ..Just then someone banged into me from behind, sending me crashing into her. How graceful. I passed her the champagne glass and hurredly told her where to find more. Ah, well. So much for introductions.

I settled onto a random mattress.. because really, why wouldn't there be a random mattress? Sat down the bottle, and took out my book.

I was so into it I didn't immediately notice her sit on the jacket couch. She looked swallowed up, all that faux fur trying to strangle her. She was gorgeous.. if she'd just smile. Uh oh, caught me looking. She stared right back at me.. was she checking me out? Probably not. I raised my eyebrow lightly, and she looked away. I wondered if she knew who I was.

Curt had came in, I knew that. The screaming girls could tell me as much. I went back to my book. I'll wait for him to acknowledge me, thanks.

Then I heard his voice, "Sunshine?" all honeyed and deep.. God, that voice..

I walked over.. he was gorgeous tonight. Pants undone, shirtless, hair tangled. My gaze lingered on his chest and arms.. all sinewy muscles under pale skin.. My mouth watered. I wrapped my arms around him, smiled at the girl, and carressed that chest I was just eyeing. I pulled his head to me, and licked his ear. "Hi.." ..He licked his lips subtley.. but it was enough.. the things he can do with that tongue..

He started to introduce me, but she clamped her hand over his mouth. "Really, not wanting to know." ...she pulled my hand off of him.


I heard Marie's voice calling him from the makeup room. He looked at us one last time and started to walk away. The horn dog.

"Would it kill that guy to show some emotion?" She sounded pissed, and it was obviously not meant for me to hear. But I couldn't help it, and I started laughing. Did she seriously not get it? I finally calmed down enough to breathe.

"And what the fuck was that all about?" Oh, anger.

She didn't know? How could you be us and not know? I looked at her sweetly.. she was young, god how young was he going these days? But mature, at least she wasn't bubbly and annoying. .."Oh. You really don't know, then?" I asked. She narrowed her eyes.


"You're his favorite. I'm his.. other favorite." ..How else do you explain our.. open relationship?

"And we're supposed to play nice--"

"Until daddy gets home. Yeah, babe."

I'd done this before. But I liked this girl.. hopefully it would be different.
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