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The adventures of Drunken! Hope..!
"heeellloooooo phoebe i'm sitll drunk@! but i have a urge to fuck james marsters.. but i kinda always dooo.. this is s o trippy.. my fingers are moving all slow.... you're a really cool girl, ya know if you lived here or i lived there we'd prbaly hang out all the time! yeah! god this is weird its like im not drunk drukn drunk but my fingers are totally sloioooowwwwwww and i can't move them right lol... anwyay thanks for putting up with my stupidness.... happpppppppppppppppy newwwww yeaaaaarrrrrrrr and much jamesness and spikeness for yoU!!!!!!!!lol"


I love you. it was worth it. Even if reading through my old journal made me cry.
When you commented, you'd say "u" instead of "you".
Yes. I'm easily amused.
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