I'm worth a million in prizes (mental_thatone) wrote in spiffyfantastic,
I'm worth a million in prizes

I'm watching Ghost World right now and thinking of you. *blush*

YA KNOW THAT VIDEO that annoying damn art teacher made? Mirror. Father. Mirror. It's fucking creepy!

lol and I'm kind of hyper. And I love you. And I haven't forgotten your letter, but I want to send you pictures and I'm having problems with them.. because they had sent some of the wrong ones like I told you, but also the ones they did send are all.. dull, the originals are SO bright and colorful because it was from last winter at sunset at the lake, ya know. And it makes me sad and I want you to have colorful versions. But I'm figuring it out! Yes I am.

Lovelovelusthump etc. <333333 Can you tell I'm feeling this extreme Phoebe love at the moment? lol
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